When and where is the parade?

The 2021 Cambridge Santa Claus Parade will take place on Saturday, November 20th, 2021 at 6pm in Riverside park and will be a stationary (drive thru) parade.  Pre-registration will be required for the public to attend.  Please keep an eye on this page for updated information including the parade route, parking and road closures.  More details to come as we get closer to the event!

What happened to the 2020 parade?

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel the 2020 Cambridge Santa Parade.  We know this is really disappointing news, and all of us on the committee are also saddened by this.

We worked really hard trying to figure out how the show could go on, including hosting a reverse parade (drive thru).  We met on different occasions with several representatives from the city, the police force, public works, the Hespeler Santa Parade and public health.  All of these agencies came together to work towards the reverse parade idea once it was clear that the traditional parade would not be possible due to the crowds likely being over the 100 person limit and issues with ensuring everyone could and would maintain social distancing protocols.  We all wanted the same thing, to bring some joy this holiday season to the community after such a difficult year.

The reverse parade idea was brought to us by the city, and we loved the idea.  We thought we had the key to save the parade!  We worked on it over the last couple months with the City’s assistance, and we were hopeful, but due to the recent rising numbers and the obstacles we faced with respect to participant safety, we were forced to cancel due to COVID.  This was a mutual decision by the city and our committee in the interest of public safety. 

This was not an easy decision to make. The community, local businesses, and our committee have all been personally effected by COVID in one way or another.  There are so many considerations and hoops we’ve had to jump through to make this happen in a regular year to consider your safety and our volunteers safety without COVID.  COVID just made it even more challenging, and we promise you this decision was not taken lightly.  Over half our committee has little ones, and they will be disappointed too.

We are hopeful 2021 will bring us all good things, and that next year we can bring the magic of the parade!  Stay safe, happy and healthy!  We appreciate your continued support!

2021 Road closures:

Riverside Park will be closed to the public from 4pm – 8pm on the day of the event.  There will be a Parade Map posted closer to the date of the event which will contain info on entrance/exit points for the public.  Police will be controlling traffic, including entering and exiting the park. Please be cautious and listen to their instruction.

2021 Parking:

This is a drive thru event, so there will not be any need to park your vehicle. 


2021 Parade Route Map:

Closer to the event, we will post a parade route map.  We are working closely with the City to develop this and more details will follow.