The parade needs many hands to make it successful every year, especially on the day of. If you would like to volunteer for this year’s parade, please click the link below to register.  Volunteers will be contacted to confirm their participation.  We are looking for 40 volunteers.  Before you register, please read the important information below.

Volunteer requirements/info:

  • You will be considered a City volunteer, so you will need to follow their COVID safety protocols for all city workers and volunteers.  These are outlined below:
    • All volunteers will be required to wear safety goggles and masks, these will be provided by the city.
    • COVID vaccinations: To provide a safe environment for all, vaccinations or testing will be required of all volunteers this year.  You will need to attest online that you are fully vaccinated, or have tested negative within 48 hours of your volunteer shift starting.  The cost of testing will be at your own expense.  This is a city-wide policy for all staff and volunteers.
    • All volunteers will need to screen prior to their shift starting, a link to the City’s form will be provided the day of the event.  When you screen on the day of your shift you will be asked some health questions and asked if you are:
      1. Double vaccinated or
      2. Have completed an antigen test within the last 48 hours with a negative result

If you cannot attest to either of the above, we regret that we cannot have you volunteer on site.  Please check back for future volunteer opportunities when COVID-19 protocols lessen.

If you do choose option 1 or 2 please know that City Staff can perform random audit checks and ask for proof of vaccination and or proof of negative antigen test.

  • The shift will be from 2pm – 8pm on the day of the event.  Please ensure you dress appropriately to be outdoors for approx. 6 hours.  This includes a winter jacket, winter hat, winter gloves, winter snow pants, winter boots.
  • You will be required to adhere to all safety protocols, including COVID safety protocols during your volunteer shift.  An information package will be sent to you closer to the event day.